Netflix is one of the excellent options if you have been looking for the best content in terms of movies. Apart from movies, it also showcases a huge list of TV shows and other content. If you are a fan of horror movies, Netflix does provide you access to an enhanced experience. The horror movies library on Netflix is indeed one of the excellent options and we look ahead to the best performance ever.

We will check out few great and top 30 Horror movies on Netflix that you can enjoy.

Top 30 Horror Movies on Netflix to Stream

Horror is one of the prominent genres and has been something quite loved one too. Netflix does offer you a huge library of scary movies. We will check out a few best horror movies on Netflix among different genres.

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10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix of all time

We will check out a few excellent options among the best horror movies of all time on Netflix. This will help you pick the best movies that scare the hell out of you.

1. 1BR

Released in 2020, it is one of the best indie thriller on Netflix. The story is all about a young woman who moves into an apartment in Los Angeles. To her astonishment and horror, she finds her neighbors are not what they appear to be. The movie does pack in a host of effective and creepy stuff that should drive you crazy and shattered.

The movie addresses a host of isolation and desperation crisis. It also serves a horrid expression of fear and longing. The incredible performance and a huge twist in the movie should further make it one of the excellent choices for the best.

2. The Sixth Sense

The movie is not a thriller if you look at it from modern-day movie making. But, it is indeed one of the best 90s horror movies you can ever think of. It is one of the ghost stories that you would find quite impressive. One of the masterpieces of M. Night Shyamalan, we found it a great option for the best horror movies on Netflix.

A well-crafted movie with perfect performances, it has chilling moments you would cherish. It can be the right choice whether you are a fan of horror movies or other movies in general.

3. Hush

Hush is a home invasion thriller. The movie is not a horror movie as in the case of the supernatural movies but has a gimmicky plot of a woman being troubled by a masked intruder. And then add the fact that the protagonist of the movie is not both deaf and dumb. She cannot find him approaching her nor she can ask anyone for help. It should be the prime option for the best horror movies of all time.

The movie does come with its share of cat and mouse games between the intruder and the victim. But, you have an enhanced experience with a couple of excellent ways. It should be one of the most satisfying horror movies on Netflix.

4. Apostle

This is one of the excellent Netflix original movies and focuses on a person who goes on to search and save his sister from a remote cult. The movie does start with dreamy and scary events and ends up getting access to a much grosser and darker plot.

One of the cult infiltration movies, Apostle is one of the great options in terms of style and verve. The slow-burning mystery is one of the prime options that further enhance your experience. The movie is quite frightening.

5. Baby Blood

Baby Blood is one of the prime choices among the best 90s horror movies. The movie was a minor cult sensation in France and is a worthy addition to the best horror movies on Netflix. One of the movies in the realm of anti-Christ movies, it does have enough gore.

The special effects were not that popular back then, but the raspy voice of the devil that is set to be born is quite frightening. You would perhaps not get it out of your mind even after the movie is over.

6. Killer Klowns From Outer Space

The movie comes with a dark comedy further making it one of the exciting choices. The movie has three clowns and everything about them is extremely clown-like. So much so that the spaceship too is like a circus tent.

The fun and horror together should make it one of the excellent options. The movie does provide you access to a few legitimate attempts to frighten you efficiently. The movie is both silly and colorful to the core. You can experience the unique clown magic to bring the best experience ever.

7. Knock Knock

The movie is a mixture of everything. It combines a cautionary plot, a horror theme, a satire, and an erotic thriller all into one. The plot revolves around the social media era that has been designed to provide you access to a riveting experience ever. The movie does get better with every scene.

The chain of events in the movie provides you access to a huge degree of unique design and direction. The movie is indeed comparable to the perfection of the great directors of yore including Hitchcock, Polanski, De Palma, and many others.

8. Before I Wake

This is a Netflix originals and is considered to be the greatest ever movies people find impressive. The movie tells the story of a young boy whose dreams have exemplary power.

The movie is not perfect, but you will find it has a few exciting and gripping moments. It is one of the interesting movies you can check out. It can be your best for the best horror movies of all time.

9. Body parts

This is yet another wonderful addition to the best 90 horror movies and provides you the best Netflix horror movies. The movie has a protagonist losing his arm in an accident and getting a transplant. The arm belongs to a recently deceased man. What follows is a nightmare.

The movie has the protagonist affected by the germ and yells at his kids. He even abuses his wife. A kind of Frankenstein movie, it does provide you access to a wonderful experience of a huge degree of efficiency as one of the high-end horror movies ever.

10. The Exorcist III

There are not many best Netflix horror movies in exorcism as a wonderful horror movie experience. The Exorcist series is one of the best from this perspective. The third sequel indeed offers an excellent experience than the original. It is a perfect addition to your list of the best 90s Horror movies. The movie focuses on a gritty plot that takes you ahead in gaining a powerful experience ever.

10 Best New Horror Movies

Here are a few new Horror movies on Netflix you can enjoy:

1. Cadaver

Released in 2020, Cadaver is a great movie in terms of the best horror movies on Netflix in 2021. This is a Norwegian film and offers a post-apocalyptic movie you would find impressive. It talks about the future where resources are scarce and people do anything to fill their stomach.

2. His House

The ghost movie is set in London and has been rated to be one of the best horror movies on Netflix. The movie is about a pair of Sudanese who flee to London and realize that ghosts have also come with them. The plot is much harrowing and terrifying. The movie is about haunted people.

3. The Platform

The Spanish movie has been one of the excellent options for the best new horror movies on Netflix. It was one of the most-watched movies in 2020. It is a futuristic movie and society falls apart due to greed and selfish nature.

4. Vampires vs. the Bronx

This is a hybrid movie and provides you a perfect combination of family, comedy, and horror. You would get reminded of the groovy movie plot that we found in the 80s movies. The child actors take all the credit. You would find it a prime horror movie on Netflix.

5. We Summon the Darkness

This can be considered to be the best new horror movies on Netflix. The movie revolves around three women who take a few guys to a place that they share. The movie tackles the story of satanic murders and is quite gory.

6. #Alive

The South Korean movie provides you the best in terms of Zombie movies. Movie focuses on how to tackle the zombie apocalypse. The tighter plot and pace provide you an excellent experience ever among the best horror movies on Netflix.

7. The Babysitter: Killer Queen

The sequel to the earlier movie does have a lot of gore and blood. It can be one of the excellent means of enjoying the best possible horror movie. The underlying story is all about a demon cultist. There is some comical excess as well.

8. I’m Thinking of Ending Things

The huge degree of thrill and suspense that the movie builds on should make it one of the excellent choices ever for the best horror movies. The illusion and ghosts in the movie should provide you a huge degree of experience ever for almost all your needs.

9. The Perfection

A narrative logic and an excellent script should be one of the high-end options you would find to be the best horror movies. The movie has a few grotesque imageries. It can be your best bet for the 1970s movies and acts as a homage to the era.

10. The Forest of Love

It is considered to be one of the craziest movies by the director. You can experience a perfect combination of gory and dark humor. This can be your best option for unforgettable movies among the best horror movies on Netflix.

5 Best Sci-fi Horror Movies

Check out these best sci-fi horror movies on Netflix.

1. Bird Box

Tense and horrifying movies should be one of the excellent options if you are a fan of post-apocalypse and sci-fi. You can expect to be on the edge of your seat. The story is about a survivor and children who attempt to stay safer.

2. It Comes at Night

The movie is about a pandemic and perhaps quite relevant to today’s scenario. It does not have gore and violence but comes with a deeply terrifying storyline. It has a host of unique concepts you would relate to the present situation.

3. Under the Skin

It is a slow-burning and chilling movie and you would find it quite rewarding. While it has a few loose parts, you will find that the movie is quite creepy enough. If you love creepy movies, you will love them dearly.

4. Await Further Instructions

It can be your best bet for the compelling watch among the best sci-fi movies on Netflix. The movie revolves around family drama, racist relatives, and a potential alien abduction. Of course, we did not like the ending of the movie though.

5. Into the Forest

Yet another combination of science fiction and apocalypse, the movie is about how to beat the horrors of the post-apocalyptic countryside. You will find it extremely difficult to watch. It talks a lot about sisterhood and family bonds.

5 Best Supernatural Horror Movies

Let us now check a few movies with the supernatural appearance and theme.

1. The Ring

This is one of the quite scariest and best supernatural horror movies of the century. The best part is it works with pure horror and not blood and gore. The story is quite predictable, but the other essential elements such as visuals, music, and acting make it quite interesting.

2. The Ritual

The Ritual is a movie set in the Scandinavian wild and provides you access to a very unsettling thriller. In addition to exploring horror, it also packs in a wide range of other elements such as discussing a falling friendship.

3. The Blackcoat's Daughter

The plot of the movie revolves around the catholic girls stuck on campus during a break. When the parents could not pick them up the girls from the hostel, they stay within the hostel and terrible things happen. Though a horror film, also touches the subject such as grief and loss as well.

4. The Autopsy of Jane Doe

The chilling and terrifying tale should keep you guessing till the end. The story attempts the viewers to learn that not every death can be rightly explained. The plot of one of the best supernatural horror movies is quite taut and filled with suspense. A truly perfect supernatural movie ever.

5. The Witch

It is a chilling horror movie and is set in the 17th century. The family believes that they have been cursed by a witch and become quite paranoid. The plot is quite slow-burning and tense. If you are a fan of a tight plot, you would find this one rewarding.

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The Bottom Line

Netflix has been one of the strongest online streaming services and it does host a huge range of movies that make it one of the practical solutions for most of your expectations. We assume the list of the best movies on Netflix outlined here should provide you a perfect viewing experience that would last a couple of months.

Which best horror movies on Netflix among them did you like? Share your favorite Netflix movies with us.

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