On January 4, 2021, we got Discovery+ as the online streaming channel in the US. You need to create a Discovery Plus login ID, and all the shows of Discovery Plus, like nature documentaries, food shows, adventure shows, etc., are on your palm. It is more than 55,000 episodes of different content, which we are getting right now.

Discovery Plus has a lot of exclusive shows for streaming online. The Laundry Guy, Chopped Next Gen, Bobby and Giada in Italy, Clipped, Home Town, etc., are some of our favorite shows that we love to watch at any time.

Discovery Plus login

The worth of the Discovery Plus subscription mainly depends on the choice of the subscriber. It is very attractive for the users to get all the nature documentaries, cooking shows, reality shows, and other docuseries within this low-cost subscription. If you select this channel as a Discovery Plus bundle with other OTT like Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Netflix, or Hulu, you will get it at a more affordable price.

Discovery Plus annual subscription is not a valid option. We can only use the discovery plus login ID with the available monthly plans. If you already have the subscription to Discovery Plus, but due to an everyday work schedule, you cannot watch online, then you need to download it on your device to watch offline.

As we know, Discovery Plus does not allow us to download any video from the app, and we need to use third-party downloader software to download shows and watch offline. The Y2Mate downloader works well in this situation. You can download anything from Discovery Plus using just a discovery+ login ID.

Let us discuss FAQs on Discovery Plus to get a clear idea about this channel.

How to Access Discovery+?

Mobile users need to go to the Play Store or App Store to download the discovery+ app. Desktop users can visit the website of discovery+ to watch this channel.

Which Content Can You Expect from Discovery Plus?

There were 2,000 series and 55,000 episodes of content at the time of launching this channel. With one Discovery Plus account, you will get a library of 14 different channels, including Discovery, Animal Planet, TLC, Food Network, ID, HGTV, A&E, Lifetime, History, OWN, Science Network, Travel, etc.

You can watch many popular shows like Property Brothers, The First 48, 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Fixer Upper, Diners, Chopped, etc.

In this launching year, Discovery Plus has a plan to bring original content of about 1,000 hours.

What are The Names of The Supported Discovery Plus Devices?

All major platforms, including Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Xbox(Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X), Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS and Android devices (TV, Mobile, and Tablets), Samsung Smart TV and browsers(Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) are supported by Discovery+.

What is the cost of Discovery Plus?

You can try a 7-day trial first without any cost. There is no plan for Discovery Plus yearly subscription currently, but you can opt for a monthly subscription at $4.99 as an ad-supported tier and $6.99 as an ad-free tier.

An offer is there for select Verizon users to get a free ad-free access to Discovery Plus for up to 12 months for free.

Also, you can get Discovery Plus as a supplementary account with Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, etc.

Overall, Discovery Plus pricing is very much affordable to all fans.

In Which Locations Can You Access Discovery Plus?

Only in the United States you can access the US version of Discovery+, and you cannot use the Discovery+ login if you are traveling outside of the country.

Can We Access Discovery Plus How Many Devices At One Time?

We can use two devices only from one Discovery Plus account.

Can I Get Discovery Plus With Other OTTs As A Supplementary Channel?

Yes, you can get the Discovery Plus bundle with other OTTs like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc.

Is It Possible to Get Discovery Plus on TV?

Yes, you can access the Discovery Plus OTT on a TV if your TV is a supported platform. You can access discovery plus login on Android TV, iOS TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

Is Discovery Plus on Roku?

Please search for the official Discovery Plus app on the Roku app store and install it on your Roku device. You can download the app free of cost, but the subscription is necessary to Discovery Plus to watch this channel on Roku.

What is Discovery Plus Student Subscription?

Discovery Plus offers discounts for students. You need to apply for the student discount, and if you are qualified for the discount, you will have the chance to get the latest promo code via discoveryplus.com.

Once you apply for the Student Discount of Discovery+, usually, you will be allowed to get 10% off.

Why are there so many ads? Can I Watch Without Ads?

Discovery Plus does not like to disappoint its users, and because of this, they continuously keep an eye on the number and variety of ads they are offering. Commercials allow us to provide our content free with your TV subscription. However, there is an ad-free plan also for the users.

How Can I Download Discovery Plus Shows for Offline Watch?

Like many other popular online streaming platforms, Discovery Plus does not allow you to download its content right now. So, it is not possible to make our library of favorite shows for this channel now, but Discovery Plus promised its viewers to do something on that, so they can also offer download options for Android and iOS users.

Offline Watch

You may know that we can download from different OTTs and websites using external downloader software. In this case, also, we can download from Discovery Plus using Y2Mate downloader software. If you are a fan of any particular show of Discovery Plus, you can download it very easily from there and watch it in your spare time. No worries to miss any episode if you are busy while streaming online. Here is a brief introduction to the Y2Mate Discovery Plus downloader.

Salient Features of Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader

Download Videos in 1080p Full High-definition Quality

You can download all the episodes of your favorite shows in high-definition. Watching any Animal Planet documentary or adventure series in 1080p quality gives you the feeling like the incident is happening in front of your eyes.

Superb MP4 Audio Quality

You can save the videos in MP4 format on your device, and later you can share them with other devices. Getting the same quality in each device is another excellent feature of this downloader.

High-speed Downloading Capacity:

Downloading any video will take a few minutes because this software gives you a speedy downloading option.

Batch Downloading Option:

Just like other online streaming channels, you can download all episodes of a show at one time through the Y2Mate Downloader because of its batch downloading feature. Even the option of downloading the newly aired episode is there.

Metadata Downloading Option

To organize all your videos, you can download the metadata like the story's title, caption, cast, plot, etc., as a .srt file.

Ad-free Videos

You will get ad-free videos with a basic plan of Discovery Plus after downloading through the Y2Mate downloader, as this software has the feature of automatically deleting the commercials before downloading.

Affordable Subscription Price

And you must be eagerly waiting to know how much you need to spend on the Y2Mate downloader? After installing the software, you can go with the conversion. Audio conversion is free of cost. The subscription plan is monthly $9.9 and yearly $99.

You can use the free version of Y2Mate software to get a clear idea. Go to Y2matefor further details.

Install The Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader and Start Downloading The Shows

Step 1: - Go to the official site of Y2Mate Downloader software and run the installer of Y2Mate Downloader from there.

Y2Mate Discovery

Step 2: - As you finish the installation part, open the app, and go to Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader.

Step 3: - Browse and pick the show as per choice.

Browse and pick the show as per choice

Step 4: - Use your subscription details for Discovery Plus account login.

Discovery Plus account login

Step 5: - Hit the "Settings" and set your convenient language for subtitles.

Step 6: - Tap on the show name to watch. As the show begins to play, the software initiates downloading part in the background.

This installation and downloading both are a quick process and simple also. You can download any video within minutes once you decide to use this software.


Some of us have the hobby of watching Animal Planet, History, Discovery, etc., from our childhood days. It is like nostalgia now for us. Launching Discovery Plus OTT is like a handful of dreams to some of us. We discussed the FAQs related to Discovery Plus and how to download the shows from this channel. We hope you enjoyed reading the article thoroughly and got all desired information about Discovery Plus. Happy downloading!!

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