Netflix is a giant streaming service that shows movies, web series, reality shows, documentaries, interviews, and many more. The streaming service is based on a subscription model. Plans are exclusively worth watching. Select the scheme as per your budget and how much time you can spend with the shows.

The concept and ideas of streaming services like Netflix invent to extend your entertainment perspective. Earlier viewers have limited options with limited shows. But the streaming services now launch to make you busy watching their shows and feel refreshed. Those were the days we needed to hang out with friends to lift our mood. Now you can call your friends, ask them to join you, with your favorite drink and snacks you can enjoy a rainy evening or chilled night.


The streaming platform Netflix breaks the barrier and extends its showcasing surface from smart tv to computer, tablet, smartphone, game console, streaming media players, etc. if you have an internet connection, you can watch Netflix shows on your devices. But you need to pay for every device you try to log in to your account.

Netflix app is way more popular among youngsters and movie and web series lovers. The app is available in playstore. You need to have an account with a valid mail id, select a payment option, make the payment, and become a Netflix club member.

1. Netflix App for PC

Technically clad Netflix can run on any modern PC with advanced configuration. Windows 10 configuration supports the feature of Netflix, and you will be able to view shows on your PC. The supportive part is a great mood buster for professionals who work hours sitting with their laptops.

Let's discover more features and supportive system value for windows 10!

Netflix App for PC

Available regions

You can run Netflix on your Windows 10 PC only when it is available in your regions.

Navigation Netflix on windows 10

  • Look around the genre columns: Click in the search bar for the specific movie or show you want to watch.

  • Open the movie or show you specify: Click on the movies or shows you want to watch on the window. To get all the details regarding the show, like brief description, years of release, production house, etc., you need to click on the movie poster showing on the window. Want more information? Click on the title of the show or movie.

  • Play the show: After specification, you need to click the show's poster and start playing. If you wish to see more options during the show's play, click the scroll bar at the bottom of the window.

  • Exit and back button: If you want to get the information about other shows, click the upper left-hand corner of the movie. To come back to the front, click the back button.

  • Cortana incorporation: Microsoft's Cortana search option could be helpful to navigate your search history and improve your future Search.

2. Audio-visual resolution

Windows 10 supports streaming up to 4k. But to avail of the benefit, the laptop needs the below configuration.

  • An HDCP 2.2 compliant connection

  • The display must have 4k capability

  • Intel's 7the generation core CPU

  • Availability of windows latest updates

  • For Subtitle & Alternate audio, click the icon, and it will configure automatically with your system

  • 5.1 stereo sound

  • Few devices support the Dolby Atmos sound system; the model includes windows 10 RS3 Build 16299

Specifications mentioned above requirements for the smooth run of Netflix shows on your Windows 10 PC.

3. How to download Netflix Movies to Computer?[Windows10]

The downloading procedure is simple. Follow the methods to download the app.

Let's go

Step 1 - In the Start menu, select Store

Step 2 - Go to Search from the upper right corner of your screen.

Step 3 - Type Netflix in the search bar and click Enter button

Step 4 - Choose Netflix from the Search

Step 5 - Click Install and Back to the Start menu

Step 6 - Click the Netflix app

Appear Sign in, click on

Step 7 - During Sign in the process, enter a valid mail id and password.

Hit the Sign-in button. The device is joined up with your Netflix account.

Once you create a Netflix account, you can select the subscription plan to watch your favorite show on Netflix uninterruptedly.

4. Y2mate: Best Netflix Downloader for Windows 10

If you're a movie lover but cannot make time to watch the live streaming on Netflix, then you must think about downloading it offline. Now the question is, which downloader software provides you the live streaming qualities for your later watch? Confused?

Netflix Downloader

As in the software world, you will get various downloader software that claims to produce excellent results. But I would recommend you the Y2mate downloader software to download movies, shows, documentaries, and many more offline. There are reasons behind my recommendation of the Y2mate downloader application.

Download Netflix Movies Offline
No wait time to download
  • No wait time to download Netflix movies offline
  • Free to download Netflix video to MP4 in 1080p
  • Download Netflix videos in batch
  • Batch download and faster speed

What are those reasons? Let's brief you!

With the Y2mate downloader application, your journey of watching Netflix shows offline gives you another level of happiness. Why and how? Because of its features.

High-speed downloading option: The Y2mate downloader application can download the shows and movies with a faster download option. The application's design is configured to takes a maximum of 5 minutes to download even large-sized file content. Netflix contents are extensive in size, and you can download with minimum time spent.

Standard quality download option: The application supports a large file to download to maintain the original shows' similar quality. If the file consists of 4k or even 8k, you will get HD 1080p keeping all the actual audio-visual effects intact.

Subtitles and audio channel selection: The feature of customizing the subtitles of your favorite show is impressive. The Y2mate downloader application provides you the freedom to choose the language of the subtitles and audio inputs of your preferences. Even you can save the subtitles file in .srt format for a further watch.

Download with meta info: The Y2mate downloader application comes with the feature to select the show's meta info every time you download something from your Netflix account. The meta info includes storyline, plots, cast, production years and company, etc., to stay updated about the show you're going to watch.

Batch download option: The Y2mate downloader gives you a painless downloading experience with its efficient detection power. If you're going to download a single episode of a series, it can detect the show and enable auto-download for the next sequel to save your efforts and time. It is a unique feature with a quality downloading experience.

Selection of auto-download genre: The Y2mate downloader has a specific option to download your favorite show spontaneously. How? Let me tell you. It detects your watch history. Once you enable the alternative of auto-download, it will start downloading the contents based on your previous watch history. Again it will save your time and unnecessary banging head on skipping the shows or movies live streaming.

5. How to download Netflix content with the Y2mate downloader software?

Download Netflix content with the Y2mate Netflix downloader software trail the ease of experience without compromising the quality and standard of the content. The tool is incredible in terms of offline watching options. Let's check the process of how to download Netflix content with the Y2mate downloader application.

Step 1: Visit the Y2mate downloader, check the interface, and select the Netflix downloader.

Y2mate downloader

Step 2: Browse the Netflix content and select the piece you want to download. Before starting the downloading process, log in to your Netflix account.

Step 2 Y2mate downloader software

Step 3: Once you find the content, select the language of the subtitles. The application then starts downloading the content with your preferred language subtitles and audio track.

Step 3:

Step 4: It's an add-on step that you can still watch other shows of your choice while downloading.

Step 4

Once downloaded, finish you get the notification. Visit the download page, and you can check the details of your downloading content.

The process of downloading with the Y2mate is helpful yet straightforward in saving your precious time and efforts. The Y2mate downloader software is configured with the latest technology to download from any streaming platform with equal ease and simple procedure.


To avail of the quality and standardized service from Y2mate downloader software, you need to pay. The pricing plan is pocket-friendly. Even you can go ahead with a free version that comes with v1.0.0.5 that is perfect for trial. Then you can switch on to the paid version and pay only $9.9 monthly to take up all the benefits of the application.

Final Thoughts

Netflix likes streaming giants showcasing standard and informative content. Skipping the shows just because of a running shortage of time could be a lousy excuse. Take advantage of the Y2mate downloader software and download the shows, episodes, and movies you skipped and watch at your convenient time. It will give you a similar thrill of the live streaming experience, trust me!

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