YouTube has been one of the excellent options for videos across a wide range of resolutions and topics. Launched in 2005, it does provide you with a great deal of videos in informative, entertainment and other genres.

However, YouTube does not let you download the videos or extract audio from the videos hosted on it. This has more to do with the views and revenue earned by the video sharing website. Then, it might beg the question: How to download audio from YouTube?

This is where you need to pick a few good YouTube to audio converters for a better experience in this context. Let’s delve deeper into a free online YouTube to audio converter called Y2Mate that enables you to download YouTube to audio in 320kbps high quality..

Free Online YouTube to Audio Converter – Y2Mate YouTube to audio converter

The prime factors you should look for in this free YouTube to MP3 converter YouTube to MP3 converter involves the 3 major selected features:

1.Ability to extract audio at a faster speed

2.Batch downloading functionality

3.Work across multiple platforms

Besides the above features, the following could also be a plus for a good YouTube to audio converter, order to find the answer to how to download YouTube audio, ensuring these features on your YouTube video to audio converter tool should be of prime importance.

Y2Mate offers you a great option of downloading YouTube to audio in 320 kbps bit rate in a very perfect experience. One of the huge advantages offered by the tool can include the no limit to convert YouTube to MP3 in high quality. The high-quality audio extraction is what makes it a perfect option by every count.

The prime features offered by Y2Mate YouTube to audio converter options can include:

  • Easy to use tool:Whether you are using the tool on a smartphone, tablet, or any device, you will find that the Y2Mate YouTube to audio tool can double up as one of the excellent options ever.

  • An instant download capability:You can convert your videos into MP3 rather instantly. The software lets you download audio in 320 kbps which is one of the huge advantages compared to the other competing options available.​​​​

  • Works with any platform:As an online tool, you will find it to be one of the best options for a platform-agnostic tool. You can use it anywhere anytime and on any device.

  • Faster YouTube to audio conversion:You get access to a very faster YouTube to MP3 conversion. You can download your audio files even in high quality such as 320 kbps.

  • No limit to file size:Despite being a free tool, Y2Mate does not impose any limit on the number of files, their size and quality when it comes to downloading your content easily. You can use and convert any number of files as per your preferences.

You can get access to a host of features on the YouTube video to audio converter tool despite it being a free and online software. It should be a perfect option you can rely upon if you wondering how to download audio from YouTube.

How to Download Audio from YouTube without Losing Quality?

Here it comes the crucial part: download audio from YouTube in 320kpbs. The steps involved in converting YouTube to Audio using Y2Mate YouTube to audio converter is quite simple and easy to follow. You can simply copy the video URL from YouTube and use it on Y2Mate to extract the audio from your videos.

How to get audio from YouTube with Y2mate Online Downloader

  • Launch YouTube

  • Pick the video you want to download the video from

  • Get the video URL of the video. You can either get it from the address bar or the by right-clicking on the video and choosing copy Video URL.

how to rip audio from youtube

  • Open Y2Mate YouTube downloader

  • Paste the link in the space provided

  • Click on START to begin downloading your audio

  • The tool processes your video and provides you access to the download options.

  • Click the tab for MP3.

  • From among the options available, you can pick the audio bit-rate based on your preferences.

  • Click on Download beside the audio bit rate you want to download the audio in.

youtube to audio converter

How to Download High-Quality video from YouTube?

Just like Y2Mate lets you download and convert audio from YouTube videos, it can also double up as an excellent option to convert YouTube to MP4 in HD. There is no need to download or use any other software as the tool in itself work efficiently in letting you download high-quality video from YouTube.

Download 4K/8K YouTube Videos
How you can batch download YouTube videos in high quality?
  • No wait time to download YouTube video
  • Batch download in high speed
  • Download YouTube video up to 4k and 8K resoultion
  • Download from other streaming websites as well like Netflix

The steps involved in downloading your videos remain the same as in how to download audio from YouTube. You just need to pick the MP4 tab and then choose the download quality as per your preferences. The ability to download high-resolution videos in several formats such as HD and Full HD is what should make it a great option. The online video downloader lets you download videos in 1080p, 720p, 480p and even in 4K resolution. You can even download your videos in 360 video format, which should be yet another high-end feature.

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In Conclusion

While we have focused on the functionality of Y2Mate in downloading videos and audio from YouTube, Y2Mate is equally capable of handling online video downloading from a wide range of other video sharing services such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a lot more.

The lossless audio extraction functionality offered by Y2Mate YouTube to audio converter can be one of the prime features you would expect from an audio extractor.

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