Netflix has a plethora of options when it comes to entertainment. It can keep you glued to your screens for hours and you will not feel the need to move on from it. However, sometimes it is quite annoying to find a NetFlix error code UI-800-3 while you are planning to watch your favorite series with your favorite bunch of people. It is all the more painful when you do not know what to do about it. Moreover, these bugs and errors are quite common when NetFlix is getting better for its audience.

This may be a possible outcome of a network connection fault, or it may be an issue with the device you are streaming it with, or it may all be the fault of your NetFlix account. Whatever it may be, if most of us had the option we would like t kill such errors and most of the time it is as hard to fix these errors just like finding a rabbit hole. However, we are all here to serve you with our knowledge and also guide you on how to make Netflix work if it has encountered an error code UI-800-3 anytime on any of your devices.

NetFlix error code UI-800-3 what is it?

If a NetFlix error code UI-800-3 shows up on the screen while running the NetFlix app it occurs because it needs to refresh the information that is stored in the cache section of the app. The frequency of any error popping up becomes more when the incorrect login details are entered by the software. However, NetFlix error code UI-800-3 appears on rare occasions on the onset of inaccurate details being fed in the connection.

Moreover, as rare as this error is, it is not so hard to fix this one. Usually, when you log out of the application it resolves the UI-800-3 NetFlix error code issue. Many times gamers use gaming consoles or mobile devices that allow them to clear out the cache of the application which resets the required information. Additionally, in case the details of the connection are incorrect a temporary change in the settings of the DNS server may resolve the issue. At times the issue gets fixed automatically too.

Causes of NetFlix error code UI-800-3

Two main causes result in creating Netflix error code UI-800-3 (205040). These are:

Server-Side Bug: This is the kind of error that occurs at the signing in time. However, it is pretty strange to occur but you cannot do anything for it except submit a complaint ticket to the NetFlix technical team.

Cache Data: Whenever we enjoy some series or movies on NetFlix or simply run the application it stores cache. This cache is required by the app to start at a quicker pace to provide the user with a seamless experience. However, many times the same gets corrupted and this is when the message occurs that NetFlix has encountered an error code UI-800-3.

Devices on Which NetFlix error code UI-800-3 may occur

Sometimes Netflix error code UI-800-3 (205040) variant may occur on your device which may mean that the device needs some refreshment time to do away with the data of cache and resolve the issue. However, it is a common issue that may occur on multiple devices such as gaming consoles, Roku, Smart TVs, Blu-ray Disc Player, Amazon Fire Tv.

How To Deal with Troubleshooting Netflix error code UI-800-3

Sometimes you will see that your NetFlix has encountered an error code UI-800-3 and it needs a troubleshooting process. There are a few steps to be followed to encounter UI-800-3 NetFlix error code:

Alternative 1: Restarting your streaming Device:

In a majority of the cases, it is easy and simple to make good the UI-800-3 NetFlix Error Code just as any other power cycling thing of a streaming device. However, it involves shut down of the device completely and requires unplugging it for a few seconds too. The whole process may take around a minute or so to work and show results.

Alternative 2: Signing Out of your the NetFlix Account:

Signing out of NetFlix and then again signing back may work in some cases when this error occurs on your device. It is good to do away with the error and refresh the data too. However, at times signing out of Netflix is not possible on your device and then you may consider the option of the website. For this, you need to go to the Account page of NetFlix, and then here you need to select the option of signing out of all devices.

Alternative 3: Clearing the cache data of NetFlix:

Sometimes there are a few devices that allow you to do away with the clutter in the form of data of cache which is stored locally and you do not need to uninstall the application for the same. For eg., If you are having a Fire Tv Device then you need clearing of the data of cache from the settings section of the system, and your job is done.

Alternative 4: Uninstalling and Reinstalling Netflix:

When most of the options are not working for you to get rid of the UI-800-3 NetFlix error code then uninstalling the app and reinstalling it all over again may work wonders for you. This works for you in case Netflix does not allow you to do away with the data of cache or deleting the local data does not work. This may also be an option when even after the cache is cleared the problem is not fixed.

Alternative5: Resetting Your Device:

If you are thinking of resetting your Roku or Fire TV then it will lead you to a state where you will find your Netflix just as it was when it was freshly downloaded. In case you are using this app on your Samsung TV then NetFlix error code UI-800-3 may require resetting the Samsung Smart Hub.

Alternative 6: Restarting Home Network:

Suppose the NetFlix error code UI-800-3 occurs on Xbox 360 then it may require unplugging or switching the power off of the device it is streaming on. Then you may require to unplug the router and modem device and turning them on after some time.

Alternative 7: Verification:

Sometimes verifying the DNS settings of your streaming device can fix the NetFlix error code UI-800-3 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, or PS4.

Alternative 8: Netflix Help Center:

Lastly, when nothing works, then the NetFlix website can be your official support to help you with detailed instructions when your NetFlix has encountered an error code UI-800-3. However, this may not work on all the devices all the time.

Downloading Netflix movies/shows offline on windows/mac

There are a few titles that are supported even on the offline platform of Netflix of course you need to download them on your Windows/MAC. However, there is not an option to download each one of them and you may miss your favorite show because of this disadvantage. Despite this fact, there is still an option that lets you do this and a lot more. You can do this with MyStream NetFlix Downloader, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

Step 1: Installing and launching MyStream NetFlix Downloader

You first need to download the MyStream NetFlix Downloader and when you reach the main interface you will be locating the NetFlix Video Downloader. You will be able to find it easily on the service menu of NetFlix. In case it is not the case you can surely pick it up.

Step 2: Picking the video of your choice to play

Netflix menu provides a plethora of options for you to entertain yourself and here you can find the video of your choice you wish to download easily. Before proceeding to the next step you need to sign in to your NetFlix account.

Step 3: Choosing the audio and option of subtitles and downloading the movie/series.

Now you need to decide upon the audio and the subtitles option you wish to download on your device. You have many options to get hands-on to your favorite episodes of your favorite series and other parameters like subtitles and more as per your preferred choice of preferences.


Does uninstalling and reinstalling my Netflix solve the issue of NetFlix error code UI-800-3(205040)?

Yes, in a majority of cases it works and fixes the NetFlix error code UI-800-3(205040) issue immediately.

What to do if my Netflix says that a particular title is not available in my region?

You can simply try some other internet connectivity option, or try to disable the proxy, VPN, or some other software for unblocking, or you can try MyStream NetFlix Downloader.

Is there any way to watch Netflix shows offline or to download them?

Yes, you can enjoy all your favorite series or shows offline with MyStream Netflix Downloader and it lets you select the subtitles and other settings as well.

What to do if I am unable to sign in to my Netflix account?

This may be a case if you forgot your password then you may need to reset it. In case it shows a NetFlix error code UI-800-3 then you may need to contact the NetFlix technical team to fix the issue.

What to do if I am not able to sign in on My NetFlix on any device?

In case there is a sign-in issue with all your devices then you can opt for a visit to the option. Here you can follow the guideline for help.


For loading the user profiles at a lightning speed NetFlix stores the data to the streaming device and all this happens as a streamlined process even though it takes a blink of an eye. However, sometimes when this data is corrupt or due to some issue or glitch with Netflix it creates an intervention with its loading. This may occur due to NetFlix error code UI-800-3 and in most cases, it requires just refreshing the device and clearing the cache instantly. However, in some cases when Netflix has encountered an error code UI-800-3 it may not get fixed with just a refreshing session. Then you may try other alternatives we have suggested above to fix the issue. For your movie or series downloading issue, MyStream Netflix Downloader can be your rescuer and provide the solutions you need.

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