Are you a regular viewer of Disney Plus? Do you have a subscription? If you are interested in this fantastic OTT platform, this article is going to enhance your excitement. Disney Plus Premier Access is the latest feature for the Disney Plus audiences. The journey started after the show Mulan was released in the year 2020. This is a new option for the new subscribers.

The subscriber needs to pay only an amount of $30 to watch the latest release even before Disney Plus showcases the same. Moreover, it is a one-time investment. Therefore, Disney Premier Access permits every new movie on the first day of the first show. Undoubtedly, it is similar to getting a magic wand in hand for the members of Disney Plus.

It is now time to go into a deeper analysis of the varieties you can watch through Premier Access Disney Plus. Of course, the experience will be happening and favourable for all the users.

What is Disney Plus Premier Access?

When you are willing to invest in any OTT platform, it is crucial to know about it in detail. The same holds good for the Disney Premier Plus also. In this article, the answer to what is Disney Premier Access will become clear like crystal.

It was September, 2020. House of Mouse brought an excellent platform for the audience eager to watch Walt Disney movies. This is Disney Plus Premier Access. Furthermore, it brought smiles to thousands of faces during the caged lifestyle of the pandemic. The first show was that of Mulan. Gradually, the viewers got to see a lot of surprises one by one.

The Disney Plus Premier Access Cost is over and above the normal subscription of watching Disney Plus. The additional charges amount to around $30. It may be subject to changes as per the company policies. The cinematic shows will win your hearts just as soon as it releases. You will find the best deals as soon as you access this amazing platform.

Watch out the following with the help of this fabulous platform;-

  • Disney Plus originals

  • Animated series

  • Pixar Movies

  • National Geographic documentaries

  • The Simpsons

You will find every show highly interesting to enjoy from the homely comfort.

So, it is high time that you have a wonderful experience as Disney Plus recreates the cinematic feel freshly. The HDR quality of Disney Plus Premier Access will make you enjoy the Premier titles too. Furthermore, you will get to hear clearly due to the presence of the Dolby Audio sound.

The additional thirty bucks can seem to be a hardship for some people. However, don't you think it is cheaper than a movie ticket for two and a tub of tasty popcorns? So, Disney Premier Access cost is not a big issue for the viewers. As a subscriber of this option, you can get the opportunity of Disney extravaganza. The significant advantage is that you can enjoy this even before the other normal subscribers of Disney Plus.

What is the process of obtaining Premier Access On Disney Plus?

There is no complicated procedure to obtain the Disney Plus Premier Access on the Disney Plus platform. However, you will not be able to take this option if you are not a member of the Disney Plus channel. Therefore, you have to subscribe to the Disney Plus platform in the first step. Only then, you get the chance of Disney Premier Access.

Oh, you are stuck because you do not have the subscription to Disney Plus? Does not matter. Open the channel and go to the Sign Up optison appearing on the Home Page. Give the details asked for and create a new ID. After that, create your personal password to access the account. Some other details that you will need in this regard are;-

  • Email Address

  • Type of plan (Monthly or Annual)

  • Credit card details

The Disney Premier Access cost will appear as soon as you proceed with your preferred plan.

The next step is the purchase of the new releases available on the menu of Disney Premier Access. You can get the list from the search box after typing the movie name in the respective space. Moreover, you must scroll through the Homepage first to check out the latest releases.

As you click on any name, the option for Purchase or Buy will appear automatically. Of course, you need to verify the Credit Card information first to go ahead. Just try with the Disney Plus app, and you are there! Some of the compatible devices include Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Google, and many more.

What To Watch After Getting Disney Premier Access?

After installing the Disney Plus platform and going for the Disney Plus Premier Access option, the next step is what to watch. As discussed before, you are free to watch all the movies coming on the Disney Plus.

The Premier lifted its curtain with the showcase of Mulan. After that, another show that grabbed the attention of maximum people was Black Widow. It was a superhit within days. It came in July 2021. After finishing these two wonderful movies, you can definitely take a look at the newest release. The fifth one on the Premier Access Disney Plus is Jungle Cruise. The bewildering performances of Natasha Romanoff will keep you hooked the whole time.

The regular subscribers did also get the chance to enjoy the spectacular Cruella on 28th May 2021 on the PVOD section of Disney Plus. Later on, people also saw the episode in August.

Another fantasy-adventure film that needs special mention is the second title on Disney Plus Premier. The animated show is Raya and the Last Dragon. It featured somewhere in March.

Now, to sum up, you can enjoy the following shows on Disney Premier Access.

  • Raya and the Last Dragon

  • Mulan

  • Jungle Cruise

  • Black Widow

  • Cruella

What does Disney Plus Premier Access Cost?

It is needless to state that the pricing policies of any platform do not remain the same throughout. Therefore, it is true for Disney Plus and Disney Plus Premier Access. However, the audiences remained happy and satisfied with the consistent pricing structure. The current Disney Plus Premier Access Cost is AUD 34.99 or EUR 21.99 or GBP 19.99 or USD 29.99. This cost is prevalent for two movies, namely Raya and the Last Dragon, and the first show, that is, Mulan.

Obviously, the subsequent movies will also have the same structure as a convenient way.

Interestingly, you can have unlimited access to the movies after paying for the first time. So, you are the owner of these films forever unless you cancel the subscription willingly. It is great news for any movie fanatic. Moreover, you will be able to watch the movies as and when you feel like it, without any interruption or restrictions.

The Disney Premier Access Cost for a month is $11.99 or €8.99 or £7.99 or $7.99.

You can also take the option of the Disney Plus bundles to save a lot in comparison to the usual prices. In the USA, you get the following options. We present the prices together to help you choose better.

  • Disney monthly package of $7.99

  • Disney yearly package of $79.99

  • Disney bundle package of $13.99

Therefore, select the best plan as per your preference and affordability. Disney Plus Premier Access exists for the convenience of the viewers. Hence, your feedback is the ultimate success factor for the channel. You can also give some suggestions as a sign of support for better services in the future.

Download The Disney Plus Shows or Movies Offline

What device are you using to enjoy the Disney Plus movies and shows? Is that a smartphone or a computer? No, there is no restriction regarding watching the platform on any device. You can watch them anywhere and everywhere irrespective of the modes. But, to relish the movies at any time, don't you think that offline is a better option?

Of course, it is as the internet connection may not be there every time you wish to watch your favorite scene. For that, we present the name of the most reliable offline downloader for Disney Plus shows. It is suitable for both Windows and Mac. Therefore, you will not face any trouble while operating this fabulous tool. This option will indeed enhance the number of viewers of the Disney Plus Premier Access.

The offline downloader is KeepStream Disney Downloader. For further support, you can visit this Disney Plus Downloader. Let the streaming services continue to entertain you irrespective of time.You can keep track of all the downloads from different sources. Fill up your heart with enthusiasm as more and more movies become accessible too easily.

Premier Access Disney Plus will cherish you more with the help of this incredible tool. The impressive features of the tools are below;-

MP4 Files: KeepStream allows you to have a superb experience by downloading all the files in MP4 format. Moreover, all will have the 720p. The audio track is EA3 5.1.

Language Selection: The downloader permits you to change the title of the audio track as per your preference. You can do the same for the subtiles too.

High Speed: You will love the amazing speed while downloading any movie from Disney Premier Access. Furthermore, you can download in batch mode, thus allowing you to choose multiple episodes of the same season to download together. Generally, the average time taken is around ten to twenty minutes.

SRT Files: After processing every file, you can save them at once as the SRT files. Also, you can remux them directly and incorporate them into the respective videos.

Please follow the undermentioned steps for a smooth download for offline watch.

Install the tool KeepStream Disney Plus from the web after clicking on the Download option

Enter into your account of Disney Plus

Search for the required video (movie or any show)

Save the video after selecting the option of Ready to Download

You can do any other task and letting the downloading process go on in the background

You can use any browser for the above process

At the completion of Download, the video is ready to run at any time. For more third-party tools, you can check out this article: Top 5 Disney Plus Downloader Solution

Most Asked Questions

Can I download any movie from the Disney Plus Premier Access to my laptop?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to download any movie from Disney Premier Access for a later watch. You may possess a laptop or a Macbook. It is applicable for both. However, it is not a normal phenomenon for the Disney Plus app, installed on your mobile phone.

You need to depend on some other special tool for downloading the content coming on Disney Plus or Disney Plus Premier Access. Using this tool will be easy to transfer any movie or show to your Windows laptop or Macbook.

However, you must remember that Disney Plus downloads are available only for a temporary period. Hence, you must save in an external device for permanent storage.

Is it possible to download movies directly from Disney Plus?

For the Disney Plus users, it is indeed a valid and one of the most crucial queries. You will be able to download multiple Disney Plus movies directly now. So, there is no limitation of online streaming only.

The steps are;-

  1. Install the Disney Plus application on your device first
  2. To access the Disney Plus account, you need to enter the password and log in user ID
  3. Çhoose the title of the respective movie
  4. Tap on "Download"
  5. A Downward arrow indicates the option
  6. Finally, the process will be over and will be ready to run

Are Disney Plus Premier Movies really special?

Today, you will find numerous options on the internet to watch movies, web series, or TV shows online. Disney Plus is only one such platform for your entertainment. It has been almost 90 years since Disney is ruling the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide. Keep on rolling your eyes on the Disney Plus page. The availability of so many options will make you awestruck. Very few channels are there to give access to so many latest releases.


The above content gives you a favorable picture ofwhat is Disney Premier Accessand how you can use it.Disney Plus Premier Accessis an extension of the Disney Plus platform. Therefore, you can now watch all the shows and movies released or going to release on the Disney platform as a preferred viewer. Subscribe to this outstanding facility today to enjoy more.

StreamGaGa Disney Plus Downloader
StreamGaGa Disney Plus Downloader
Provide Comprehensive Country-Specific Disney Plus Download Service.
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StreamFab All-In-One
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MyStream Disney Plus Downloader
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StreamGaGa Disney Plus Downloader
StreamGaGa Disney Plus Downloader
Provide Comprehensive Country-Specific Disney Plus Download Service.
StreamFab All-In-One
StreamFab All-In-One
The best video downloading solution allows you to download videos from any streaming sites.
MyStream Disney Plus Downloader
MyStream Disney Plus Downloader
High-End Program to Download Disney Plus Movies Offline in 720p/1080p.